Green Edge Award

Today we launched the Green Edge Award, which is open to all Yr 7 students going into Yr 8 in September. Through the award, students will be encouraged to demonstrate leadership, organisation, resilience, initiative, and communication skills by taking part in a series of activities linked to sustainability at school and in the wider community. 

If you are interested in taking part in the award, please complete the form on class charts to register your interest or speak to Mrs Bradbury in the Geography Department by Thursday 21st July.

Well Done Dylan

A HUGE congratulations to Dylan who attended the NSTK Ashbourne 2022 karate course and grading on 9 July 2022 where he was graded and received his black belt in Karate. Dylan started his karate journey at 6 years old and has worked diligently throughout the years, even through lockdown to attain his black belt. 

Warm Weather Reminder 

All students are reminded to bring a refillable water bottle to school. If outside at break and lunch (or for a PE lesson) please also remember your sun cream. 

Monday will be a no blazer day – please remember to bring any items you need from your pockets e.g. passes 

Year 7 Rounders Tournament

On Thursday 7th July 2022 Year 7 took part in their Central Area tournament which took place at Myton School. The first game played was against Aylesford, Southam had to bat first. The girls were nervous but eventually settled in to their first game and managed to achieve 6 Rounders. In the second innings Southam came into field. It was extremely close and Southam worked hard to keep the score tight. It ended up in a 6 all draw. 

The second game was against NLS, Southam fielded first and did a brilliant job to keep the score to 6 and a half Rounders. Jenna, Ella and Bella worked hard in deep field to stop the super hits from the NLS team. Megan bowled with such control and remained calm under pressure. Southam stepped into Bat, there was some super hits from Erin, Isabella and Laynie but it was not enough to beat the NLS team. Final score for Southam, 5 rounders.

The third and final game was versus Myton. Southam batted first, this was the best batting of the tournament for the Year 7 team. The hits were strong and powerful from all the girls, and Holly took risks which paid off allowing them to rack up 9 rounders. Final innings Southam had to field. This again was superb by the Southam team. The girls were stopping some amazing hits from Myton, especially Clara on third base; both Bethany and Clara made some excellent catches on their bases, and this resulted in a number of outs. Lily covered first base with such alertness and ensured she moved on to the ball to get it to Bethany as quick and accurately as possible. Jenna and Ella continued to work hard in deep field, supported by Holly. The girls worked hard; fully supported each other and were backing each other up. The teamwork displayed in this game particularly was amazing. Final score Southam 9 Myton 3

Overall, the competition was tight and Southam came third overall. However, the team are going back next year with fighting spirit to win. 

“Thank you to all the students who took part and well done to Bethany, Isabella and Holly, who achieved ‘players player’ throughout the tournament. Also, a special thank you to Tammy who despite being injured came along to support the team and took on the role as captain and chief photographer. I would also like to say a huge thank you to all the Year 7 girls who have turned up to training this term for all their hard work, effort and commitment. It is really appreciated. Miss Evans

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